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About DreamFunding LLC

Devoted to providing the capital to fulfill your dreams!

DreamFunding LLC was founded with one purpose: to help entrepreneurs and their companies reach their maximum potential. Through a proven approach and a truly passionate staff, we assist business owners in reaching their financial goals.

As members of Oz Konar's incredibly successful Business Lending Blueprint, we hold ourselves to the HIGHEST standards of quality--both legally and ethically. We are compensated by our lenders at an industry-standard rate that makes the lowest impact possible on your funding deals.

We invite you to explore our site and discover the resources that, with time, will not only fund your projects, but make you a more accute business person!

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We are a Member:

The United States Chamber of Commerce

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We are a Member:

The Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce

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We are a Member:

The Business Lending Blueprint

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We are listed:

The Upstate (SC) Better Business Bureau

We'll be eligible to file for accreditation in October 2022.

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